Aides of Antonio Luna: Colonel Francisco Roman and Captain Jose Bernal

Originally authored on September 19, 2015

From his headquarters in Bayambang, Pangasinan, deep into establishing a guerilla base in the Mountain Province in June 4, 1899, Luna received a summon via telegram from Aguinaldo in Cabanatuan , Nueva Ecija. Immediately, Luna left accompanied by Colonel Paco Roman, the brothers Major Manuel Bernal and Captain Jose Bernal, Major Simeon Villa, Captain Eduardo Rusca and 25 cavalrymen. The following day Luna and his party arrived at the outskirts of Cabanatuan but the broken bridge threatened to delay the whole party. The impatient General left his escort and proceeded to his summons with only Colonel Roman and Captain Rusca to accompany him. At about 3:00 P.M., they arrived at the casa parroquial (convent) in Cabanatuan where the Philippine Republic was holding office.

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