We are vulnerable to our memories with the vivid ones stuck to us forever.

Some of our happenstance make a lasting impact in our young life, resonating all the way to our adult life. Growing up in an idyllic setting awakens my senses to time long ago. I remember waking up to the sound of church bells each morning in a stunning view of the majestic basilica of Taal perched on top of the hill standing guard over the heritage town peppered with centuries old “bahay na bato”. The unlimited space from the patio’s rolling hills to the plaza remained our playground. The town is not just brick and mortar, the welcoming spirit share its proud heritage.

Inspiring in magnitude and significance, it was imperative to rouse the passion to preserve.  How do we balance the commercial needs of development and the preservation needs of a city to come up with a unique personality? Do local governments take cognizance of their historical sites and structures?  Do stakeholders continue their efforts to bolster their communal pride by fighting to save the landmarks?  When many more landmarks nationwide are slowly crumbling and are virtual hostages in the back-and-forth between the forces that seek to preserve and the forces that seek to demolish or build over, let’s hope there’s more time for bureaucratic rituals before those significant link to the past end up to a heap of rubble. These are the concerns that invited some reflection.  “Panahon na para makialam!” Everybody’s immediate contribution to preserve our heritage is needed.

Thus, the advocacy is born!