Teodoro Asedillo: A Nameless Hero

Originally authored on August 22, 2015

One whose heroism was almost never heard of was the bravery of Teodoro Asedillo. He was a normal school teacher who taught using Filipino as medium of teaching to awaken the hearts and minds of the young children. The colonial American era prohibited the use of Filipino in schools and only English was allowed. For insubordination, Asedillo was fired from teaching. He then served as a police chief but was also driven out at the change of administration.

Left with no option, he joined a revolutionary movement called Katipunan ng mga Anak Pawis sa Pilipinas (KAP), a group of peasants who strove to push their rights against abusive laws imposed by the American government. The aftermath of Filipino-American war consigned Filipino revolutionaries as enemies of the state, insurrecto, insurgent, rebel. A made-up plan for Americans to exterminate a place where revolutionaries hid and execute the revolutionaries.

History books were manipulatively edited and rewritten to cut out our heroes’ credence in the memory of our nation. Thanks to the late actor, Fernando Poe Jr. who made a bio-film of the nationalist in the 70’s, Asedillo redeemed his heroism. Last year, the history of Sampaloc, Quezon has been published along with Asedillo’s revolution. The elders of Sampaloc tied up his biography through a month-long series of storytelling in Sampaloc church. Copies of his book are available in National Library.

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