Gat Jose Rizal: In Memoriam

Originally authored on December 29, 2017

Walking to his execution ground with a peaceful and cheerful countenance, Jose Rizal, with a smile held his final look at the Ateneo de Manila, where he spent the happiest days of his life and silently bid it adieu.

The strong anger and resentment over what Rizal wrote in his Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo moved the Spanish friars to instigate his trial and execution regardless of the spirit of the season which failed to rouse compassion on the part of the Spanish government – who propagated Christianity in our country.

Mabini wrote in his memoir: “From the day Rizal understood the misfortunes of his native land and decided to rectify them, he knew the terrors of death awaited him which he bravely endured until the end – for the love of his countrymen.”

Our country is blessed for a national hero whose scholarly works, academic excellence, and writings continue to move and inspire Filipinos to fight for their rights as a people and value education as a means to obtain freedom and justice.

Let his unwavering selflessness and intense patriotism be one of the memories to reflect on during this Christmas season.

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